A place for my brain…

I guess it starts here.

So this is my first blog post… What do I write about? Well I have a few ideas of what I’m going to include on my blog, and perhaps a few about what I won’t. I didn’t want to pin myself down to any certain topic, so here are some of the subjects you might find here:


Okay, I get that this one is really broad, but this will likely vary from new gadgets I like or perhaps have deployed, to topics within my field of computer networking.

Health and Fitness

I mean what good are cool gadgets if you’re not around to use them, am I right? Even though I’ve had this interest for years, it seems like I’m always learning something new, so why not share!


I know what you’re thinking… LAME! Seriously though, kids are the future and I’m always looking to help my children succeed, so I may go on about anything I find interesting in the world of parenthood.


Just because I put it down here, doesn’t mean it isn’t the coolest topic. I have been an avid gamer since I can remember, I built my first PC when I was a wee lad and I’ve been fragging noobs ever since. You WILL see me post about this  🙂


Obviously not everything fits into the above categories, so any outliers will apparently be just that.

So what are the things I won’t be writing about? I will not be writing about politics, current events (outside of the above), or other topics that I would deem overly opinionated and often argumentative. I’m using this blog as a way to share interesting topics and tidbits from my life, the last thing I need is a troll kicking down my door because he doesn’t agree with someone or something I choose to support.

So that’s it… I guess I’ll have to see how often I can commit to writing, and what it will be about, but hopefully you will stay tuned, or rather tune in since I’m pretty sure no one is reading this… yet!

Until next time, this is a place for my brain!

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